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Paranasal Sinus Anatomic Variants That Predispose To Post- Implant Procedure Morbidity

First Published: Feb 23 2022
Randolph R. Resnik, Yueh Ju Hsiao, Jie Yang, Jon B. Suzuki
Keywords: Maxillary Sinus Osteomeatal Complex

Progress in the Oral Nutritional Intake of an Aspiration Pneumonia Patient with Oral Intake Difficulties —— Case Study in which Remounting and Adjustment of Dentures and Nutritional Support showed Significant Improvement

First Published: Feb 23 2022
Keywords: sarcopenic dysphagia, remounting and adjustment of dentures, oral intake, FIM, MMSE

Immediat implant placement in the aesthtic area, surgical and rstorative considerations

First Published: Feb 23 2022
Fernando Colindres, Rodrigo Rivera, Rodrigo Cayarga
Keywords: Dental implants, aesthetic area, conical connection, dual zone, prosthetic treatment.