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Registering for an account 

Logging in to your account 

Selecting your role as an Author

Selecting "Start a New Submission"

Completing submission process Step by Step

Submission Step 1: 

- The journal charges a translation and layout fee; these will be presented to the author; the author will need to agree to this policy and pay after the submission has been accepted. 

- Select a Journal Section that best fits with your manuscript topic. 

- The journal's copyright policy will appear next, and, if configured as a requirement, the author will need to agree to this policy and review the Privacy Statement. 

- Move to the next step by hitting the Save and Continue button. 

Submission Step 2: 

- Enter the manuscript title and abstract. 

- Upload the manuscript (case report) submission file as a Word document (e.g., Microsoft Word). 

- Upload the Image files and data Figures and any supplementary files, such as research instruments, data sets, etc.,

- Once the submission is uploaded, click Save and Continue at the bottom of this page. 

Submission Step 3: 

This final step provides a summary of your submission. 

- Click Finish Submission to submit your manuscript. You will receive an acknowledgement by email and will be able to view your submission's progress through the review and editorial process by returning to the Active Submissions section of your Author page. 

Deadline submission schedule

This magazine is published twice a year in principle. The publication period is February (deadline at the end of October) and August (deadline at the end of April). Additional issues may be issued as needed.

Submission Guidelines 

- Image file formats accepted: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF.

- All image files require about 300 dpi resolution.

- Maximum file size per image: 5MB

- Improper file format or resolution may require re-submission or incur extra production cost.


If your submission is In Review, you can view its details in the Review section (linked from the top of your page).


Below that is the Peer Review section. You will see information about each round of review (there may be one or more) and any revised files (e.g., a version of your original submission file with changes marked in) uploaded by each reviewer (Reviewer A, Reviewer B, etc.). 

Editor Decision 

Last on this page is the Editor Decision section. From this section you can notify the editor once you have submitted your revised submission file, view the reviewer comments (click on the cloud icon), and upload your revised submission file (if revisions were required). 

Possible decisions include: 

Accept: Your submission has been accepted as is. 

Revisions Required: Your submission requires minor changes and will be accepted once those have been completed. 

Reject: Your submission was not accepted for publication with the Journal; either because it was scientifically sound, lacked sufficient experimental design or support, or the subject did not match the Journal’s objectives. 

Ethics in publishing 

Please see our information pages on Ethics in publishing 

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.