JICD Journal of Interdisciplinary Clinical Dentistry

ISSN: 2767-4894

Current Issue

Vol 2 No 2 (2021)

Single crown restoration with an implant in posterior molar regions: Comparison with long and short implants (8 or 6 mm length) after 3 years.

First Published: Aug 30 2021
Kampei Takeichi
Keywords: short implant

Validity of Various Screening Tests for Periodontitis

First Published: Aug 30 2021
Ryoichi Takahashi
Ryoichi TAKAHASHI, Satoshi SEKINO, Hiroshi ITO, Yukihiro NUMABE
Keywords: Epidemiology, screening test, saliva test, periodontal disease

One-shot Technique: A new implant treatment technique for immediate loading of permanent prosthesis in a fully edentulous maxilla

First Published: Aug 30 2021
Rong Chuan Cheng
Keywords: one shot technique, 3D computer- guided implant system, implant, surgical stent, immediate loading, fixed prosthetic device