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A letter to the editor of Journal of Interdisciplinary Clinical Dentistry (02-01-2022) regarding short implants The Authors are clarifying two published studies regarding clinical dental implant therapies with short implants. (Read more)

Current Issue

Vol 5 No 1 (2024)

Full-mouth sequential rehabilitation using all-ceramic crowns and a removable partial denture for a patient with dentinogenesis imperfecta II

First Published: Mar 15 2024
Fan Fan 1) Ning Li 2) An Lao 2) Shengbin Huang 2)
Keywords: dentinogenesis imperfecta II, Full-mouth rehabilitation, sequential rehabilitation, occlusal reconstruction, removable partial denture

A case report of interdisciplinary treatment for broad type periodontitis patient.

First Published: Mar 15 2024
Yuki Ohtani 1,2) Masato Yamaguchi 3) Shuichiro Yamashita 5) Kazuhiro Yamada 5) Yasuhiro Tai 6) Ryuichi Mizutani 1) Yuki Ozaki 1) Nanae Dewake 1) Keiichi Uchida 7,8) Nobuo Yoshinari 1,2)
Keywords: broad type periodontitis, malalignment of teeth, prosthetic treatment, team approach, interdisciplinary treatment

The usability of a wearable display in implant surgery using a dynamic navigation system

First Published: Mar 15 2024
Ayako Matsumoto 1) Kae Kakura 1) Kota Isshi 2) Shoko Yoshida 3) Yoshiko Shindo 1) Kei Egashira 1) Toyohiro Kagawa 3) Hirofumi Kido 1)
Keywords: dental implants, surgery, dynamic navigation, wearable display